Arborist Services

Dean Simonsen, Mob: 0477 499 155, PO Box 465, Heidelberg VIC 3084

Core Services
Council planning application reports
Regardles of the size of your proposed property development, most councils now require a detailed tree report prepared in line with AS4970-2009, Australian Standard – Protection of trees on development sites. Teemap can assist you with this requirement with over 10 years experience in this process.

Tree pruning and removal permit reports
Many councils now have local laws or protective legislation for trees and a tree report is often necessary to prune or remove a tree.  Treemap has extensive experience in this process and can provide an efficient service to cater for these requirements.

Tree surveying and tree inventories
Dean Simonsen of Treemap has designed, developed, coordinated and conducted some of the largest and most significant urban tree surveys in Australia. The list of clients includes Botanic Gardens, capital cities and major regional centres. These surveys have been conducted using the latest technology including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Whatever the size or scale of the project, Treemap Arboriculture can advise or develop an approach that suits the client.

Other Services
Due diligence property pre-purchase tree inspections
General and expert tree consultation
Tree risk assessment reports
Tree health assessments
Tree policy and strategy development
Tree selection and establishment advice
Tree root management and damage claim reports
Expert witness reports and appearance
Contract development and management